If you are searching for Best VR Headsets in India, Then you have arrived at the right place. Here we have listed all VR headsets based on their quality and performance. India is now leading the technological advance, and people are using more technology in their daily life. VR is now very popular in India, and young people especially really like to feel the virtual reality experience. You can use your VR headsets with your smartphone and get inside the game for real.

There are many popular brands available now in the market, and with so many choices, it might be sometime difficult to choose the Best VR headsets in India. That’s where we come. Our technology experts from bestdealsreviews.in researched and tested all popular Virtual Reality Headsets and prepared this list. So let’s start.

Best VR Headsets in India 2019

Let’s look at Best VR Headsets reviews.

Image Name FOV Price
Procus PRO 100-120
Procus ONE >100
Aura VR Pro 100-110
IRUSU Monster VR >100
Ocular Grand VR Headset 120
Irusu Play VR Plus 100-120
Samsung Gear VR 101
Oculus Go
HTC Vive
Portronics POR-714 >100

Let’s look at the reviews

1. Procus PRO (White) VR Headset

Procus PRO (White) VR Headset

The first one on our list of Best VR Headset in India is Procus PRO (White) VR Headset. It comes with inbuilt headphones, and you don’t need separate headphones for it. It offers a 100-120 degree FOV, and the gaming experience on it is just mind-blowing. The inbuilt headphone is excellent and gives you an immersive sound experience and a 3d vision that can rival any latest VR headsets. Its ear pad is soft and doesn’t hurt and feels very comfortable.

The sound doesn’t leak sound, and also you won’t be disturbed by outside noise due to its excellent noise cancellation feature, which is possible due to its soft memory foam. The touch buttons are easy to use, and you get smooth gaming experience. It doesn’t require any Bluetooth either. You also don’t have to remove VR headset to control volume or other system activities etc. The distance can be adjusted easily by turning knobs. The Procus PRO VR Headset can be fitt any head.

It is made using high-quality materials, and the soft padding fits comfortably cover your ears to give you a long-lasting happy experience. It also does not overheat after extended gameplay. We highly recommend it.

Pros Cons
  • Good After-Sale Service.
  • Inbuilt headphones.
  • Inbuilt touch buttons.
  • Large Quality Lenses for 100-120 Degree FOV.
  • Distance Controller.
  • Mobile Holder.
  • None.


2. Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset

If you are using an Android or an iOS device, then Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset might be the best choice for you. It has one of the largest lenses for VR headset, measuring 40mm. This means you get a larger FOV, which is more than 100 degrees. You get a fully immersive viewing experience and vastly improve your gaming and movie experience.

It features the Inbuilt touch button that helps you to enjoy VR applications without much hassle. You can use the touch buttons to do anything you want. It is that simple. It works with all smartphones, and we especially recommend for smartphone screen of 4.7 to 6 inches size. The Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset is compatible with all brands. Overall one of the Best VR Headsets in India.

Pros Cons
  • 40mm lenses.
  • In Built Touch Button.
  • Inbuilt touch buttons.
  • Smartphone Compatibility – Android and iOS.
  • Comfortable head Support.
  • Adjustable Headband.


  • None.

3. Aura VR Pro

Aura VR Pro

The next one on our list is Aura VR Pro. It is inspired by the Google cardboard box VR and gives better performance. It made from durable plastic and has a very lightweight design. It is cheap compared to other VR headsets, yet the quality is excellent. It has a large plastic body with lots of foam padding to give you a comfortable experience.

It gives a perfect VR Experience, and we recommend it for gamers and movie buffs. You can use it on the smartphone of screen sizes ranging from 3.5 inches to 6 inches. It can also support your glasses, so people with glasses can also use it and experience the VR. It features nano-coated lenses and has a 100 to 110 degree Field of View. So, you get an excellent 3d 360-degree experience.

You get a BlueTooth remote, which you can use to click on apps and use them. It is specially made for gaming and has many gaming buttons to improve your gaming experience. It has an adjustable head strap so that it can fit in any head easily. It also features air vent and removable front lid to prevent overheating.

Pros Cons
  • Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Remote.
  • Comfortable & Ergonomic Design.
  • Detachable front lid.
  • Easy mobile insertion mechanism.
  • Nano coated optical resin.
  • 100-110 FOV
  • Bit Heavier.


4. IRUSU Monster VR

The next one on our list of Best VR Headsets in India is the Irusu Play VR Box headset. It comes with a free Bluetooth remote and gives you an immersive VR experience. It has a lens of 42mm and its ion-plated which means it blocks any electromagnetic radiation. So it has no harmful effects on your eye vision. It is inspired by Google Cardboard apps.

Irusu Play VR Box headset has Polarized lenses and is calibrated for superior VR gameplay. It also comes with Anti Fogging technology and has a larger field of view. The touch button gives you easy access to all the apps.

It has a futuristic curved ergonomic design and looks very modern. The ventilation is designed to remove maximum heat so that you can use it for a long time. The lenses are fully adjustable.

Pros Cons
  • Good After-Sale Service.
  • Free Remote and touch button.
  • Curved ergonomic design.
  • lens of 42mm.
  • 100-110 FOV.
  • heat dissipating design.


  • None.


5. Ocular Grand VR Headset

Ocular Grand VR Headset

Ocular Grand VR is an excellent VR headset and has a flexible design. You can easily adjust the lens using mechanical knobs. The access windows have been placed strategically so that it can dissipate the maximum amount of heat. It comes with inbuilt headphones, touch buttons, and volume control. It is very comfortable to wear. Head-strap is adjustable at three ends so that you don’t get any pressure on the nose, ear, or eyes.

The HD lenses are distortion proof and have a focus of 42mm. You will not get any fatigue in your eyes and has an FOV of vast 120 Degrees.

Ocular Grand VR has a maximum power of 50MW and gives you authentic 3d surround sound experience. It is also compatible with all the latest mobile devices.

Pros Cons
  • 42 mm lens.
  • Heat dissipation.
  • Inbuilt touch buttons.
  • 120 Degree FOV.
  • Adjustable Headstrap.
  • MAX Power of 50 MW.
  • None.


6. Irusu Play VR Plus

Irusu Play VR Plus

Irusu Play VR Plus gives you a complete audio and video VR experience. It has many advanced features such as an adjustable head strap, an inbuilt touch button, and media control. Very impressive, indeed!

It has an innovative design and superior specifications that give you immersive Gaming and movie experience. With the help of integrated headphones, now you can get more control over your Virtual reality experience. You can even answer your phone while playing VR! Lenses are of 40mm and are adjustable.

You can easily connect it with all smartphones and has good connectivity. You can adjust its sight for pupil or object distance. People having myopia can now experience the 3d VR using this feature. It also has a super face foam protector for removing excess heat and ventilation holes for cooling.

Pros Cons
  • 40 mm lens.
  • Heat dissipation.
  • Inbuilt touch buttons.
  • Integrated headphones.
  • Pupil and focal adjustment.
  • integrated volume buttons.


  • None.


7. Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

We all know about Samsung and its quality products, and now there are also into the VR market. The Samsung Gear VR is its latest product and is one of the best. It has good customer reviews and gives a fantastic VR experience. It has social features that help you in making awesome 20-degree videos.

This VR headset is compatible with all smartphones and Samsung phones. It also comes with a remote controller to enhance your gaming experience. It has No wires, and you can install it in seconds. If you have a high budget and want an authentic VR experience, then go for it.

Pros Cons
  • wireless.
  • All device compatible.
  • quick setup.
  •  wide 101-degree field of view.
  • Seamless integration.
  • VR content creation.


  • Bit Pricey.


8. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Go is a leading VR headset manufacturer and is renowned all over the world for its quality. It is super lightweight and has a foam padding for comfortable wearing. It might look expensive, but the excellent VR experience it gives, you cannot experience in other Standalone VR headsets. Its next-generation Oculus lenses and Fast LCD enables you to immerse yourself in virtual reality and feel like you are in the game. Oculus has a wide FOv and breathtaking visuals.

It has inbuilt speakers so that you get the immersive sound experience. It is a standalone VR headset, so unlike other headsets, you don’t need additional devices to use it. Just start it, and you are good to go. It has a remote controller for better navigation and very simple to use. You will be impressed with it.

Pros Cons
  • Standalone VR headset.
  • Lightweight.
  • Wide Quad, Fast-Switch LCD.
  • Integrated Spatial Audio.
  • portable.
  • Comfortable.


  • Bit Pricey.

9. HTC Vive (Steam VR)

HTC Vive (Steam VR)

The next one on our list of Best VR headsets in India is HTC Vive. It is a premium VR headset that is specially made to give you a unique VR experience. It gives out the best gaming experience for you. It comes with two controllers for the better and immersive gaming experience.

When you buy it, you get a 3 VR Tiles, and also you get a month of Viveport Subscription free. It is a tethered VR, which means it needs a laptop or a computer to work. Overall it is compatible with all devices, and you can install it very quickly.

Pros Cons
  • compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to attach a Vive tracker.
  • wireless and seamless connections.
  • easy installation.
  • Good for money.


  • None.


10. Portronics POR-714 Saga VR Box Virtual Reality Headsets

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

The next one on our list of Best VR headsets in India is Portronics POR-714 Saga VR Box Virtual Reality Headset. It features a good quality HD optical lens and 3D glass to gives you the real VR experience. You can also experience 360-degree videos, and you ill immerse yourself in the video game. It has a large FOV and has a refraction range of -5000 to 2000.

You can also adjust the pupil distance and object distance by using the knob. So people with any power of eyesight can use this easily. If you have a phone of size ranging from 4.6 to 6.0 inches, then you can use it easily on your phone. You can also strap it easily on your head thanks to its elastic headband. The HD optical lenses are coated with an 8-inch layer to provide you the crystal clear view of video games and movies.

Pros Cons
  • compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to attach a Vive tracker.
  • wireless and seamless connections.
  • easy installation.
  • Good for money.


  • None.


We hope that now you can buy Best VR Headsets in India with our suggestion. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do comment, and we will be happy to answer them.

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