We have compiled the list of Best Power Banks in India that you can buy today. Our Experts have reviewed and tested these power banks for more than 100 hours while preparing this list. You can read detailed review, price and specification here, which will help you to choose the best power bank for your needs. So lets check it out.

Best Power Banks In India

Name USB Port Battery Price
Ambrane P-2000 Three 20,000mAH Check Price Here
Syska Power Pro 200 Two 20,000mAH Check Price Here
Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Two 20,000mAH Check Price Here
COOLNUT CMPBAND-53 Two 20,000mAH Check Price Here
Kodak PBP03-K Four 15,000mAH Check Price Here
Lenovo PA13000 Two 13,000mAH Check Price Here
Ambrane P-1310 Two 13,000mAH Check Price Here
Intex IT-PB11K Two 11,000mAH Check Price Here
Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Two 10,000mAH Check Price Here
Ambrane P-1111 Two 10,000mAH Check Price Here

Lets have a look at some of the Best Power Banks In India that you can buy.

1. Ambrane P-2000 20800mAH Power BankAmbrane P-2000 20800mAH Power Bank

First One in our list of Best Power Banks in India is Ambrane P-2000 20800mAH Power Bank. It has a battery capacity of 20,800 mAh and you can use it for charging of nearly all smart devices. It is of great use when you travel or backpacking. It make sure that your phone never dies out and so you will be worry free. It has Triple Output for Charging(Output 1- 5V/1A, Output 2- 5V/2.1A , Output 3 – 5V/2.1A). It is Equipped with Torch Light and Toggle Button. It can be charged in over night and has a battery cycle life of over 500 times. you can use it to charge smartphone or more than 10 times easily. Overall Highly Recommended.

Pros Cons
  • Battery: 20800mAH.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Long lasting and highly durable.
  • light in weight.
  • Efficient Power Consumption.
  • None.

2. Syska Power Pro 200 20000mAH Power BankBest Power Banks In India

Next One in our list of Best Power Banks in India is Syska Power Pro 200 20000mAH Power Bank. It has a 20000mAH polymer battery and has a double output (DC 5V/1A (Max), Output 2: DC 5V/2.1A (Max)). It comes with 6 month warranty. It Features Advanced precise IC protection that helps in avoiding over-charging, over-discharging or even short circuit that may damage your phone or device and hence ensure long life. It can support up to two devices easily. It is made for rough and tough use, So it can be taken with you anywhere.

Pros Cons
  • Battery: 20000mAH.
  • 6 months Warranty.
  • IC Protection.
  • light weight.
  • Made for rough n tough use.
  • None.

3. Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2iMi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

Next One in our list is 20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i. It has a great design, excellent efficiency and gives very good quality output. It has a good build quality, ergonomic design and is made from environment friendly PC + ABS material. Its surface has perforated coating which is makes it scratch-resistant and non slippy. It is capable of charging two smart devices at same time . It is specially designed to charge smartphones and tablet many times again and again. Overall One of the Best Power Bank In India.

Pros Cons
  • Battery: 20000mAH.
  • 6 months Warranty.
  • single-port Quick Charge 3.0 support.
  • Double Press for Low Power Charging.
  • Weighs only 358g.
  • None.

4. COOLNUT CMPBAND-53 20000mAh Power BankCOOLNUT CMPBAND-53 20000mAh Power Bank

Next One in our list of Best Power Banks In India is COOLNUT CMPBAND-53 20000mAh Power Bank. It is able to charge your smartphone multiple times easily. It features super fast charging capability and is able to recharge itself or charge your phone very quickly. It has two high quality USB output with 4 Digital LED Indicators. It is made with superior quality ABS+PC material and has a great look and design. ts shell is strong and very durable. You can also know how much charge is left by looking at Digital LED display. It features IC protection and 7 layer multilevel charging-discharging mechanism.

Pros Cons
  • Battery: 20000mAH.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Fast charging.
  • Two USB outputs.
  • IC Protection.
  • LED torch bit dim.

5. Kodak PBP03-K/15000mAh Power Bank 

Next One in our list of Best Power Banks In India is Kodak PBP03-K/15000mAh Power Bank. Its power output is very high and hence it can easily do fast charging. It has Intelligent IC protection against over-charging, So you won’t face any issues in case of short circuiting. It comes with display to indicate battery. It is able to charge vast type of devices and is lightweight and is easy to carry around anywhere. Its charging time is about 6 hours. Kodak PBP03 has 4 USB output port so you can charge 4 devices at same time. It also features a LED torch light which can be used in case of emergency.

Pros Cons
  • Battery: 15000mAH.
  • 4 USB Port.
  • Incrudibly Durable.
  • Charging time upto 6-7 hours.
  • LED torch light.
  • little heavy.

6. Lenovo PA13000 13000mAH Power BankLenovo PA13000 13000mAH Power Bank

Next One in our list of Best Power Banks In India is Lenovo PA13000 13000mAH Power Bank. It has 13000mAH lithium-ion battery capacity and has a ergonomic design and is highly portable. Its exterior is made of 13000mAH lithium-ion battery. It has two USB Port an so you can charge two phone simultaneously. It features a power light display and has Intelligent power control chip which increases its performance many folds. Its Battery power is stored for a long dormant technology. It is extremely easy to operate an we recommend it.

Pros Cons
  • Battery: 13000mAH.
  • 2 USB Port.
  • Easy Operation.
  • power light display.
  • High-grade matte plastic exterior.
  • None.


Above listed Power Banks are some of the Best Power Banks In India available today. You should check capacity, Number of times you will use daily and Where you will use it. By answering these question, You will be able to select the Best Power Bank for you. We hope that this article helped you. Please do comment for any queries.

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